Falcon News

Our Falcons give us plenty of reasons to brag, and we’re happy to do just that! Check in often for important announcements, and indulge our need to boast about the incredible students and staff members at our school. Need to know when the next school holiday or special event is? Hop on over to our Calendar page—it’s all there!

Middle School Winter Sports

Cross country has begun to practice. You can still join the cross country team by signing up on the Register My Athlete website. Please reach out to Coach McDonald via email with any cross country questions.

Softball begins on Monday, November 16 with tryouts. Please contact Coach Bragg via email with questions.

Baseball will start on Wednesday, November 18 with their tryouts. Please contact Coach Langer via email with questions. 

Pollination Garden

Our fourth-grade team received an awarded grant to begin constructing a pollination garden in the front of our school. As the year goes on, you will continue to see progress on the completion of this project.


The best line of communication about classes is between the student/parent/teacher. Please reach out to your student’s teacher to seek clarification on class matters first. This will get you in touch with the person directly associated with your student and hopefully get you the answers to your questions. Thank you!