Falcon News

Our Falcons give us plenty of reasons to brag, and we’re happy to do just that! Check in often for important announcements, and indulge our need to boast about the incredible students and staff members at our school. Need to know when the next school holiday or special event is? Hop on over to our Calendar page—it’s all there!

Summer Math Packets from the FHHS Math Department

We ask that our rising freshmen please pay attention to the following instructions for summer math packets. If you are taking Honors Algebra 1, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2, Precalculus or AP Calculus AB/BC, you will need to work on a packet of review material over the summer. The problems are review materials from the previous class taken. We recommend that you organize the work for the packet in a spiral notebook or on loose leaf paper stapled together.

When you finish the packet, you and a parent must sign the instruction sheet included with the packet. You must return the sheet and the packet to your math teacher at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. Your teacher will have a few days for you to ask questions and then there may be a test, (without a calculator) over the material during the first week of school.

Packets are available at the FHMS front office and on the FHHS Math Department web page.

Kiwanis Falcon Leaders

Congratulations to this month's Kiwanis Falcon leaders, Fatima Naranjo and Ruby Xia. Way to go!

Congratulations To James Carrick

Congratulations to Fountain Hills High School (FHHS) Assistant Principal James Carrick for being unanimously approved by the governing board on April 25 as the Fountain Hills Middle School (FHMS) principal for the 2018-2019 school year. Mr. Carrick comes to us with educational experiences that range from 6th grade science, English, and physical education to 12th grade government and college level dual-enrollment classes. He has served as an athletics director, attendance dean, and most recently the assistant principal at FHHS. Mr. Carrick is an instructional leader who demonstrates a great deal of knowledge of the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards, standards-based grading, best practices instructional strategies, special education, and teacher accountability. Mr. Carrick works collaboratively with parents and school community stakeholders maintaining an approach that is student centered and focused on academic achievement and positive social development.

James and Linda McKeever have begun the transition process here at FHMS and will continue to collaborate, looping in teachers and support staff when able. Mr. Carrick brings an enthusiasm for teaching and learning that students, teachers, and parents will greatly appreciate, and we know that he will impress you with his commitment to your students. Please offer him a hearty welcome to the principal's office!

Rockin' the Cafe!

Sodexo recently awarded District and Regional Experience Awards to our wonderful cafeteria staff members, Lisa Smith and Kristi Mike. This award recognizes staff that goes above and beyond. Lisa and Kristi won for their idea of shipping sheets between schools, which allows the company to more easily keep track of inventory. In addition, Lisa and Kristi received an A on their most recent health inspection. Thank you to Lisa and Kristi who are rockin' the café at Fountain Hills Middle School! Way to go ladies!

Summer Programs

Check out the "In the News" page of the FHUSD website for all the information and links you need to plan summer activities for your students. FHUSD will continue to offer high school academic courses for credit and sports camps for middle school and high school students. In addition, the district will be partnering with the Boys & Girls Club to offer summer camp and enrichment classes. Finally, the Town of Fountain Hills' Community Services Department offers a wide variety of classes and activities for students.

Congratulations, Mrs. Patti Schultz!

Congratulations to Mrs. Patti Schultz, Four Peaks Rotary Club teacher of the month!

Mrs. Schultz is a vested, committed member of the Fountain Hills Middle School (FHMS) staff and a well-known member of the Fountain Hills community. Patti is a strong advocate for public education and consistently focuses on engaging strategies that motivate students to acquire new information and skills, reaching beyond typical learning activities. Mrs. Schultz participates in state level professional development trainings designed specifically for PE teachers. She brings back new approaches and lessons which she shares with her colleagues, the team develops refinements as needed, then collaborates to implement best practices and increase student participation intentionally. 

In addition, Patti serves as the team leader for the PE Department. She is this year's lead for our 8th grade Camp Surf trip, is the advisor for our Fountain Hills Coalition sponsored Above That Club, teaches a section of culinary arts, and is actively searching for additional ways to support students academically and behaviorally. For all stakeholders at FHMS, Mrs. Schultz demonstrates a positive dynamic advocating for students, teachers, parents, and our community.