Falcon News

Our Falcons give us plenty of reasons to brag, and we’re happy to do just that! Check in often for important announcements, and indulge our need to boast about the incredible students and staff members at our school. Need to know when the next school holiday or special event is? Hop on over to our Calendar page—it’s all there!

Eighth Grade Continuation

Last year, FHMS started a new tradition, and we are going to continue with it this year. We will have a drive-thru continuation for our students on May 27. This is our last day of school, and we will hold our ceremony that evening. We are working out final plans and will update soon!

Mask Reminder

Please make sure to check and double-check that students are coming to school with their masks. We do have some at the main office to give out in an emergency, but we need students to come to school prepared with their masks.

AzM2 Testing

These state-mandated tests are going on as scheduled this year. Our official testing schedule will be coming out after spring break, but all students will need to take these assessments and they will need to take them on campus at Fountain Hills Middle School. Please mark your calendars for April 12 through 16 as testing dates. As we get closer to these dates, we will let option B and Virtual Academy students know where and when to report to FHMS for testing.

FHMS Spring Conferences

Since this has been a different year, we are going to keep rolling with the theme, and yes conferences are going to look and feel different as well. This year, our conferences will be virtual, and we will be sending invites to families of students who the team of teachers would like to talk to about student progress through our first three quarters. In the past, we have run more of an arena-style conference, but that is not possible at this time. Students where the team has determined a conference is not necessary will still receive communication from their teachers about their progress as well but will not need to meet virtually during the conference time. 

Teachers will send out their invites along with a link to sign up for a time that will allow parents to select a slot for a ten-minute conference with the requesting teachers. 

We would love to have the halls filled with parents and students attending conferences with their teachers, but that is not possible with our current state. If you are requesting a different time to work for your family, you will need to schedule that with your student’s teacher after we return from spring break.