Falcon News

Our Falcons give us plenty of reasons to brag, and we’re happy to do just that! Check in often for important announcements, and indulge our need to boast about the incredible students and staff members at our school. Need to know when the next school holiday or special event is? Hop on over to our Calendar page—it’s all there!

Meet the Physical Education Teachers

Our physical education teachers are excited for the new school year. Please see below for teacher contact information, class expectations, online learning schedules, important class information, and more!

PTO Coin Drive

As our kick-off fundraiser every school year, we’ll be doing a completely virtual coin drive this time with help from Paypal! This year’s sponsor, Michael J. Maroon, has given us the opportunity for our highest match ever of $1,500 if we reach $2,000 in donations, and we know our Falcon community can do it. Please visit our PTO Coin Drive page and remember, it only takes a little change to make a change!

Kiwanis Builders Club and K-Kids

Attention, Falcon families! Please see below for updated information about Kiwanis Builders Club and K-Kids.